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High Speed and Precision

Checkweigher Teltek C80

High precision, high speed! C80 is Teltek’s most advanced checkweigher. It enables you to use up to four weighing systems controlled by a mutual software. With this checkweigher solution, you can perform parallel dynamic weighing with maximal overview and control.

Teltek C80 checkweigher can be connected with filling machines and detection equipment. It supports data collection and can generate advanced statistics of production performance.


  • checkweigher for 500 ppm speed combined with high accuracy
  • easy-to-use with settings for tare, nominal weight, upper and lower weight limits, TU2 and conveyor speed
  • PC based Windows™ operating system with options for wired or wireless data transfer
  • production reports in Microsoft Excel™ or as Adobe PDF™
  • Controlls up to four weighing units
  • stainless steel, IP66 with conveyors driven by maintenance free brushless DC motors
  • MID homologation, CE certfication
  • several reject devices including Air Blast, Pusher, Single or Double Flipper/Divert Arm and Drop Flap
  • several reject devices including Air Blast, Pusher, Single or Double Flipper/Divert Arm and Drop Flap
  • several belt dimensions avilable, customized to your needs
X-ray system XRAY SHARK-XS GIG, easy handling


The Teltek C80 is mainly built for easier applications where statistics and more advanced functions are not necessary.


Teltek C80
Weight capacity
15 – 2,500 g or 15 – 5,000 g
≥ 0.1 g
500 ppm max., depending on product size
Weigh platform
Teltek C
15” touchscreen
PLU / Programmable memory
memory for 1,000 products (extendable to 5,000)
Stainless steel IP66 or stainless steel + aluminium
110/230 VAC, 50/60
all checkweighers built to customers specifications

Delivery Scope

  • Xray Scanner with image processing software XIA
  • Complete protection against radiation and PILZ safety circuit
  • Certified test cards with soda lime glass, ceramics, steel spheres in various diameters


Inspection of packaged food and non-food products in

  • cardboard or plastic boxes
  • plastic or metal foils
  • pouch bags
  • jars or cans...

Further information for download:

Additional information can be found in the data sheet which is available here for download as PDF.