Extended reporting feature for the SHARKNET Software

The SHARKNET® 2 software networks all METAL SHARK® metal detectors with a Windows computer. Operating data for HACCP, GMP, IFS, Batches and other reports are automatically recorded into a SQL database. The SHARKNET® 2 software also allows remote control of METAL SHARK®-2 metal detectors, e.g. change product numbers out from a separate office. SHARKNET® 2 simplifies the reporting for HACCP, GMP and IFS compliance.

Use the new Report Wizard to manage your reports. Create, save and print all the reports automatically as often as you want, in time intervals as you want, to any file locations incl. USB. Optimize your total quality management: Trace your metal detection. Use the reports to analyze trends and reliability of your metal detectors.

The new extended reporting feature includes:

Quality Report types:

Statistics Report Types, for long term observations like trends:

The statistic reports are each available as monthly, weekly, or daily type.

Drill through by clicking on a product number in the Metal @ ProdNo chart. Find out when and why exactly a certain product number has increased metal detections.

Product count, Metal count, % ejection rate, per each product number:

Statistics report:

Metal counts for a certain product number, over a period of time.

This shows if on certain days or hours occurs an increased metal contamination.

Statistics report:

PVS (Performance Verification System) tests for a certain product number, over a period of time.

This shows how frequently the metal detector got tested, and with what results.

Statistics report:

State of operation for a certain metal detector, over a period of time.

This shows how continuously the metal detector was in operation.