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Metal Detection for the Timber Industry

Metal detection to insure that incoming wood is free of contaminants, to prevent damage to expensive saw blades and make sure that wood boards, LVL, OSB, plywood, paperboard and other products are perfect quality.


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CASSEL has been specialising in metal detection for the timber industry for 25 years. Our METAL SHARK® systems are perfectly suited to inspecting boards as well as tree trunks. They are sturdy, stable and sensitive – providing optimum protection for your products and machines.

We love to protect your machines, your products, your customer.

All-rounders: Tunnel metal detectors

Tunnel metal detectors are particularly suitable for installation in conveyor belts, vibratory conveyors or trough channels.

METAL SHARK® BIG and METAL SHARK® BIG pba are specially designed for metal inspection of wood, chipboard or OSB boards. They can be used to monitor delivered co-products and thus protect chippers, shredders, flakers or mills. METAL SHARK® TU is an ideal solution to monitor sawdust or wood shavings for wood chipboard and thus protect the expensive presses.

Metal detector METAL SHARK TU in wood processing

Divisible metal detector, particularly easy to install around conveyor belts, sturdy stainless steel frame, weatherproof.

Metal detector for particularly large products. Sturdy stainless steel frame, weatherproof.

Metal detector for particularly wide and flat products. Optimal for wood or wood fiber boards as well as the raw materials.

The METAL SHARK OCTA - perfect for whole tree trunks

The specialists: Round and octagonal openings

METAL SHARK® OCTA or METAL SHARK® BIG RD offer optimum protection for saws and saw frames when processing entire tree trunks. They reliably find the smallest metal particles on and deep inside large diameter logs – even at high conveying speeds. Thanks to the octagonal or round opening, they can be ideally integrated into trough or troughed conveyor belts.

METAL SHARK® OCTA and METAL SHARK® BIG RD detectors, like all METAL SHARK® detectors, have a very robust design and, with the appropriate sealant, can withstand extreme weather conditions and low temperatures.

Metal detector for large products in U-conveyor belts.

Metal detector for large products in U-conveyor belts.

Precision work: Multi-segment detectors

Multi-segment metal detectors have been developed for high precision and most accurate location of metal contaminants. Many individual sensor plates are mounted next to each other. This segmental design enables a consistently high detection accuracy even with very wide products. Each sensor individually detects possible metal contaminations and their position.  This way, in case of contamination, as little valuable product material as possible is rejected.

METAL SHARK®  COMBI and METAL SHARK® COMBI TU are ideal for scanning cardboard or paper.

Sensor heads of the METAL SHARK COMBI TU

Metal detector for precise inspection of paper or cardboard, normally used for the inspection of transformer boards.

The COMBI precisely monitors paper or cardboard, can also beused for the inspection of transformer boards.

The economical alternative: Single or tandem probes

Metal detector SQTA - tandem probe above and below an ascending conveyor

In case of low bulk height, single-plate metal detectors (so-called under belt coils or under belt probes) like the metal detectors SQ or QLC can be an easy to install and inexpensive alternative to tunnel detectors. They are stable and weatherproof and simply installed under belt or vibratory conveyors. Their accuracy is a little less than that of detectors that detect the product completely from all sides, but this is quite sufficient for many applications. A possible application is the inspection of wood chips for chipboard production. If the height of a product is too high, a second probe can be mounted above the belt (tandem version).

Particularly robust metal detector for outdoor use with conveyors.

Particularly robust metal detector for outdoor use with conveyors.

Particularly robust metal detector for outdoor use with conveyors.

Do you also want to check your boards for other foreign objects like ceramics or glass? No problem with the XRAY SHARK® BOARD x-ray unit. And if you have not found your application here, just give us a call: We will be happy to answer your questions.