Checkweigher TK Series C60

Features advanced Checkweigher with high accuracy from 0.2 gr. The C60 has statistics, networking, 250 article register and 15″ VGA. Incl. MID homologation.


Datasheet: Checkweigher TK C60

The Checkweigher TK Series C60 is computer based and features advanced electronics and new, customizable software.

The system uses a high contrast, 15“ VGA color screen which gives razor sharp display not only of weighing results and charts of individual weights and averages but also of information on the article being processed. The menu screens make full use of drop-down sub-menus which help operators maximize their use of the system. Product changes and alterations in product details can be made quickly and easily with a minimum of downtime. The function keys are integrated on the display which eliminates the need for an external keyboard.

The precision engineered C60 weigh platform guarantees weight stability, accuracy and repeatability. It is designed and manufactured to the highest engineering standards with inherent reliability and longevity for use in tough, hostile environments.

The conveyors are built to minimize maintenance tasks and are driven by literally maintenance-free brushless DC-motors.

The Checkweigher TK Series C60 offers a range of belt sizes and reject devices to suit customer specific needs including Air Blast, Pusher, Single or Double Flipper/Divert Arm and Drop Flap. Combine TK C60 with a price applicator, a metal detector or both, or let the Checkweigher control your filler to set the product weight to the required amount.

The software supplied as standard includes a 250 article register with room for tare, nominal weight, upper and lower weight limits, TU2 and conveyor speed. Other menus permit adjustments for a variety of printouts and diagnostic testing. The system’s statistical capabilities include averages, standard deviation and weight charts.

Full BRC specification available. (BRC = British Retailer Consortium)

Features & Benefits of Checkweigher TK Series C60
  • High speed combined with high accuracy
  • Reliable checkweigher for 24h use
  • Designed for minimum maintenance and ease of use
  • Brushless DC motors
  • Networking capability and comms.
  • MID homologation, CE certification
  • e-label software tu1/tu2