The metal detector METAL SHARK® COMBI is a highly-sensitive multi-segment sensor for inspection of textile-width objects such as

  • nonwoven fabrics
  • transformer boards
  • paper
  • textiles

It detects the smallest metal particles of Fe 0.5 mm and also locates their position in defined segments of the fabric. METAL SHARK® COMBI is available for widths up to 7,000 mm and more. it can easily be operated also in humid workplaces with ambient temperatures from -10 up to +40˚C and product temperatures up to 65°C.


The metal detector is a multi-segment sensor. The total detection zone of the detector is thus divided into several single segments, each of them being about 365 mm wide. This makes it possible to assign detected metal particles to a definite segment of the textile width and thus it is possible to minimize product loss if metal is detected. Due to extremely high sensitivities of the single segments, minute particles of metal are detected over the whole width.

Features & Benefits

Width & Height:

Available detection width: 1,000 – 7,000 mm (40 in – 21 ft)
Further width and individual heights are available on request.

Metal Detection Levels:

@ speed max. 300 m/min. and distance from the sensor surface up to 5 mm:

  • ferrous: 0,5 mm
  • magnetic stainless steel: 0,6 mm
  • non ferrous: 0,7 mm
  • non magnetic stainless steel: 0,9 mm

@ speed max. 600 m/min. and distance from the sensor surface up to 5 mm:

  • ferrous: 0,9
  • non ferrous: 1,2
  • stainless steel: 1,5


Ambient temperature: -10 … +40˚ C
Product temperature: max 65° C

Ingress Protection: IP54

  • Dust protected:
    Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment.
  • Splashing of water:
    Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect, utilizing either:
    a) An oscillating fixture (for 10 minutes),  or
    b) a spray nozzle with no shield (for 5 minutes minimum).


  • METAL SHARK® 2A-controller
  • digital dynamic filters, digital balance control, digital frequency control
  • self monitoring of all functions
  • PowerDrive circuit
  • EMI Spectrum Analyser
  • Sensor link cables: 11 m

User Interface:

  • SHARKNET®-2 software and Windows Professional
  • Keyboard and 15“ color screen
  • Password protection
  • Product memory for 250 products
  • Product teach manager

Out Signals:

  • Metal alarm (dry contact)
  • Error alarm (dry contact)


  • Run indicator (green lamp)
  • Error indicator (red lamp)
  • Powerfull cabinet cooling fans
  • Automatic circuit breaker 16A
  • Overvoltage surge protection AC
  • Mains filter (electromagnetic interference filter)
  • Mains switch
  • Ethernet network link
  • SQL Database, stores all historical operation data and events and metal detections

Datasheets and additional information: