Metal Detector Conveyor HQ SSE

Metal Detector Conveyor HQ SSE

Custom tailored conveyors, fit seamless into your production line.


Datasheet: SHARK® HQ

Cassel is proud to engineer and manufacture the HQ/SSE series conveyors to complement the METAL SHARK® metal detectors.

To provide optimum performance, the conveyor’s design has been adapted to the special requirements of metal detectors. HQ/SSE conveyors perfectly complement Cassel METAL SHARK® BD Metal Detectors. HQ/SSE conveyors are available in standard and custom designs as well as with a variety of optional accessories. Due to the excellent quality of manufacturing, the conveyors are maintenance-free. They perform durably and reliably even in the harshest environments while needing to comply with the highest quality standards (like in the food industry).

The HQ/SSE conveyor series are typically equipped with the METAL SHARK® BD metal detector.

Features & Benefits of Metal Detector Conveyor HQ

Visit the Cassel Photo Gallery to see a wide range of products, including conveyors, conveyor belts, reject devices and others. Equipment selection is based on product to be inspected, product dimensions and weight, packaging, belt speed and environmental ambient conditions. Standard and custom solutions are available.

Available rejects: Stop-on detect; pusher; flip bar; retracting belt; air blast; reject bins; fail-safe rejects.

Full British Retail Consortium (BRC) Compliance is available.