Metal Detector QLC & QLCTA

Metal Detector QLC & QLCTA

Metal detection for the aggregate and mining industry

The Metal Detectors QLC & QLCTA offer a good metal sensitivity for the monitoring of bulk materials in the mining or aggregate industry and thus offer protection against harmful pieces of metal like tools or machine parts in the material. QLC is specially well suited for stone and earth processing, coal power stations or concrete plants.

QLC is a single probe version of the metal detector, which can easily be mounted under the conveyor belt. For better protection use the tandem probe version QLCTA: It monitors you goods from above and below the conveyor belt.

These Metal Detectors are extremly durable, immune to vibration and resistant to weather, dirt or impact from stones. They are easy to install, to handle and maintain.

They both are available for belt widths from 500 mm to 2,000 mm with a sensing width of 200-2,000 mm (4 inches – 6,6ft). At a belt speed of 0.3 – 6.0 m/s they can easily detect metal pieces the size of about M10 nuts and bigger.

For higher sensitivity (M6 nuts) at a belt speed of 4.0 m/s max. we recommend the metal detectors SQ and SQTA.


The Metal Detectors QLC and QLCTA are designed to provide protection and monitoring against harmful pieces of metal in the material being conveyed. Metal Detector QLC and QLCTA are well suited for quarries, lime works, clinker works, sand pits, cement factories, slag processing, building material recycling, brickworks and coal-burning power stations.

Features & Benefits

  • self-adjusting and extremely simple to install
  • high-quality components ensure reliability and a long service life
  • good sensitivity (M10 nuts and bigger)
  • detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • iron oxide and ore are ignored
  • can be used in the proximity of frequency converters
  • minimum distance between probe and motors or magnets is 2 meters
  • probe and amplifier are immune to vibration and resistant to weather, dirt and impact from stones

Width & Height:

  • belt width: 500 – 2,000 mm
  • sensing width: 200 – 2,000 mm (4 inches – 6.6ft)
  • width: 700 – 2,300 mm
  • height: according to your requirement

Other sizes on request, for a detailed list please see the specifications.

Metal Detection Levels:

Depending on the individual model and sensitivity settings, metal parts down to the size of M10 nuts are detectable.
Permitted belt speed: 0.3 – 6.0 m/s

For even better sensitivitiy (belt width ≤1,200 mm, belt speed ≤4.0 m/s) check the metal detector SQ & SQTA.


Ambient temperature: -20° C to +55° C
Product temperature: —

Ingress Protection: IP55

  • Dust protected: Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment. 
  • Water jets: Water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm/0.25 in) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.


  • self-adjusting electronics
  • clearly arranged panel (power switch, test switch, sensitivity regulator, measuring point selector)
  • Supply voltage: 230 V +/- 15% / 50 Hz
  • Power input: 15 VA
  • steel sheet housing, prepared for wall mounting
  • weight: 9 kg


  • 1 coaxial cable
  • probe


  • Metal alarm signal: Relay with 2 potential free nc/no-contacts, switching capacity 230V/6A
  • Fault signal: —

Fields of Application:

  • quarries
  • lime works
  • clinker works
  • sand pits & cement factories
  • slag processing
  • building material recycling
  • brickworks
  • coal-burning power stations