Metal Detector RECT

Metal Detector RECT

Whole log metal detector for chipper protection

METAL SHARK® RECT is a whole log metal detector with a rectangular opening, which is specially designed for chipper protection in forestry and sawmills. It is particularly suitable for rough industrial use in the wood yard, especially for tree trunks, but also for large products such as bales of paper, wood wool, plastics, hay and straw etc. The typical installation is in a U-shaped conveyor with flat belt, or in a specially prepared vibratory conveyor.



The METAL SHARK® RECT is made for the rough industrial applications of the wood yard. Designed for detection operations of big products, such as wood logs or paper bales. The machine is typically installed in a U-trough shaped conveyor with a flat belt, as well as in specially prepared vibration conveyors.

Features & Benefits

  • rugged and sturdy design, vibration proof
  • high metal sensitivity
  • short metal free zone
  • stainless steel housing provides total shielding against transient influences that cause false/nuisance tripping
  • maintenance free and easy to use electronics
  • system ‘learns‘ the products and automatically compensates disturbances by different species, moisture or similar effects

Width & Height:

  • aperture width: 800 – 6,600 mm (2,6 to 22 ft)
  • aperture height: up to 3,000 mm (10 ft)

Other sizes on request.

Metal Detection Level:

Depending on the individual model and sensitivity settings, metal parts down to the size of ??? are detectable.
Permitted belt speed: —


Ambient temperature: -40°C to +40°C (extended range)
Product temperature: —

Ingress Protection:


  • Dust protected: Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment. 
  • Splashing of water: Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect, utilizing either an oscillating fixture (for 10 minutes) or a spray nozzle with no shield (for 5 minutes minimum).


Indoor or outdoor installation, protects against rain, sleet and windblown dust; in addition, external mechanisms remain operational despite ice deposits


Standard: METAL SHARK® 2A-controller

  • digital dynamic noise filter, digital balance control, digital frequency control
  • quick teach assistant and memory of 120 products
  • self monitoring of all functions, Performance Validation Software (PVS test) automatically notifies the operator when testing is required
  • PowerDrive circuit
  • EMI Spectrum Analyser
  • single frequency is standard, multi-frequency is available
  • key internal electronics are fully protected and reliably perform in even the most challenging wet or dry environments

Input Signals:

  • 8 free configurable 24V DC for further options like reject confirmation, air pressure monitoring or converor belt control

Output Signals:

  • 2 potential free: “Metal” and “Error” (dry contact)
  • 8 free configurable 24V DC for further actions, e.g. optic/acoustic alarm, switch magnetic valve for pushers

METAL SHARK® RECT can also be delivered with a METAL SHARK® 1 controller.

Fields of Application:

  • wood yards: hole trunks, wood scraps, chips etc.
  • paper industry
  • wooden furniture

Datasheet and additional information: