Datasheet: Test Pieces

With the help of a metallic test ball of a defined size, the function of the metal detector can be tested in operation. A test ball is added to the product and then passed through the metal detector. If the detector recognizes the ball, the test is considered passed.

The test intervals shall be short: All products having passed the metal detector since the last test procedure must still be available for re-testing. In addition, tests should be carried out at the beginning of the working shift and when changing products.

Features & Benefits of SHARK Test Pieces

Standard & certified Metal Detector Test Pieces

Special Metal Detector Test Pieces

Standard & certified X-ray Scanner Test Pieces

Special X-ray Scanner Test Pieces

Service/engineer kits containing 3 – 80 Test Pieces

X-ray Scanner Test Pieces containing 1-6 contaminants

Checkweigher Test Pieces