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Test bars for metal detectors, complete set for engineers

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CASSEL offers a wide range of accessories for its metal detectors and X-ray equipment. In addition to different versions of the METAL SHARK® control units, these include test equipment for METAL SHARK® metal detectors and XRAY SHARK® x-ray systems which ensure the functionality of your inspection systems.

For further equipment like conveyors, signalling devices or reject systems contact us.


Controller METAL SHARK 1 for CASSEL metal detectors

Controller METAL SHARK® 1

METAL SHARK® 1 control unit, no longer standard, but still supported.
Contoller METAL SHARK 2A for CASSEL metal detectors

Controller SHARK® 2A

METAL SHARK® 2A control unit for METAL SHARK® sensors.
Controller METAL SHARK 2a hygienic design, closed

Controller SHARK® 2A hygienic

METAL SHARK® 2A control unit, housing specially adapted to daily cleaning or very humid environments.
Test pucks for metal detector METAL SHARK PH

Certfied Test Pucks

Certified test pucks or test tablets for testing the function of metal detector PH.
Flexible test rod for metal detectors METAL SHARK IN Liquid and IN Meat

Standard Test Rod

Test rods for metal detectors IN Liquid, IN Meat and INA Meat.
Test bar for metal detectors

Standard Test Stick

Test pieces for all metal detectors used with conveyor belts.