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X-ray inspection for boards, felts and webs


  • X-ray monitoring for felts, webs, transformer boards or paperboards with maximum product width up to 3400 mm
  • Detects high density materials like metal, ceramic, stone, plastic or glass
  • Up to 5 X-ray generators ensure accurate inspection for the full width of the product
  • Easy operation with autocalibration and clearly arranged functions on 17“ touchscreen
  • XIA software for instant analysis and detection with high accuracy and reliability


  • Real time detection with coloured contamination analysis
  • Functions for masking of product parts for better detection of contamination
  • Autosaving of inspection data with time and date stamp
  • User-friendly operation in daily business with 255 preset products
  • USB and Ethernet for data transfer
  • product width up to 3,400 mm with height ≤ 30 mm or width up to 3,200 mm with height ≤ 100 mm
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Built-in remote control and maintenance
  • 24 hours non-stop operation
  • Reliable safety standard - available incl. TÜV-certficate
CASSEL metal detector XPB for boards, felts and webs


The XD BOARD x-ray system is specially designed for detecting metal contamination in very thin but flat products. This makes it ideal for fabrics, non-woven fabrics, cardboard or even special cardboard such as transformer cardboard.

With the innovative XIA3 software system, parts of the product may be hidden. This proves effective for packaged products, where the actual packaging should not be examined for foreign bodies. Unnecessary false rejection of products can be prevented with the masking function.


(former XPB 1500/2)
(former XPB 2100/3)
(former XPB 2700/4)
(former XPB 3300/5)
X-ray source
Dual beam x-ray generator with max. 80kV (2x480W)
Triple beam x-ray generator with max. 80kV (3x480W)
4-beam x-ray generator with max. 80kV (4x480W)
5-beam x-ray generator with max. 80kV (5x480W)
variable in voltage + current
Radiation leakage
3 µSv/h or less, at 10 cm outside cabinet surfaces using all safety devices
Special product tunnel, magnetic safety switches at cabinet doors and tunnel hatches, emergency stop push button, emergency stop in/out interfaces to safety circuits of production line, X-ray off key switch, PILZ safety circuit
X-ray detector
Low noise 816mm line scan CCD, diode pitch 0.8 mm
Highly efficient, silent DC filter fans
Housing finish
Stainless steel grade AISI 304 / DIN EN 1.4301 (X5CrNi18-10)
Protection type
IP54 (according to IEC 60529), including touch panel and fans
Product memory
255 different product set-ups
17“ color-TFT capacitive touchscreen
Inspection features
Auto Calibration, Auto adaption to density distribution, Density, Hard Contrast, Soft Contrast, Masking Technology, SuperContrast, SizeFilter, AutoEdge masking, Images AutoSave/Load, Multi Segment Inspection, Generator Energy by Product, Password protection
Programmable outputs (contamination, ready, Emergency OFF)
Programmable inputs (Emergency OFF, wake up, optional control signals)
Data transfer
Ethernet for remote support via internet, USB for external keyboard/ mouse/ memory stick
Power supply
Compressed air supply
0° to +30°C, with relative humidity max 90%, non-condensing
(external cooling device recommendend/needed)
CE, compliant to german x-ray regulations, specific adaptation for other countries
Die SHARKNET® Software vernetzt METAL SHARK® Metalldetektoren mit einem zentralen Computer und bietet die zenrale Speicherung aller Betriebsdaten sowie Chargen- und Alarmdokumentation für HACCP- und IFS-Konformität.
BRC-Kit für ein fehlersicheres System gem. den Richtlinien des British Relai Consortuims (MD-Fehler, Auswurffehler, Luftdruckfehler, Auswurfbehälter voll), u.a. mit Produktstau-Monitor, erforderlichen Abdeckungen, Auswurf-, Behälter- und Druckluftüberwachung sowie Produktzähler etc.
Hochtemperaturerweiterung für Produkt
Produktemperatur bis max. +120°C
Sensor hat mit dieser Option die Schutzart IP54
Steigerung der IP-Schutzart durch Anpassung der Sensorversiegelung, Verbau zusätzlicher Dichtungen sowie ein doppeltes Gehäuse für die Steuerelektronik
Signaleinrichtungen (optisch/akustisch)
Stapelleuchten und Signalhörner/Sirenen in unterschiedlichen Ausführungen und IP-Schutzarten verfügbar
Ausführung für den Einsatz in explosionsgefährdeter Umgebung möglich, ATEX-Zone 22
Meldet einen Fehler bei zu geringem Druck für die Funktionalität der Sepa-rierklappen.
Warnt, wenn die Separierklappe nach Metalldetektion nicht korrekt geschaltet hat.
Überwacht die Klappen auf vollständige Schaltung in die Gut- oder Nicht-Gut-Position.
Check & Catch
Material für einfachen Funktionstest bestehend aus einer Einwurfklappe, durch die kugelförmige Prüfkörper in die Rohrleitung eingebracht werden können, und einen Auffanggitter für den Prüfkörper inkl. Entnahmeklappe.
Funktionstest, der kein öffnen der Produktrohrleitungen erfordert: Prüfkörper (FE/NFE/VA) werden mit Druckluft durch ein separates Prüfrohr bewegt. Steu-ergerät gibt an, welche Sphärengrößen getestet werden sollen/müssen. Inkl. Drucktaster für FE, NFE und VA-Prüfung, Pneumatikventil, Prüfkörper.
Prüfkörper kugelförmig
Prüfbälle, Durchmesser 10 mm aus Kunststoff POM, mit eingebetteter Metall-kugel aus Eisen, Messing und Edelstahl, zertifiziert Kugelgröße, Metallart und Zertifikatnummer sind in den Prüfball eingelassen.
Performance Verification Cerficate
Ausstellung eines Performance Verification Certificate (Nachweis der Funktionalität für Audits) durch CASSEL-Servicetechniker, z.B. bei Inbetriebnahme oder Wartung möglich

The XRAY XPB specializes in detecting metal contamination in transformer boards and paperboards. XRAY SHARK® XPB benefits from its ability to handle wide products, with a maximum product width of 3400mm.

Accommodates products with a maximum product width of 3400mm for heights less than 30mm, or a product width of 3200mm for heights between 30mm to 100mm.

5 X-ray generators to ensure accurate inspection for the full width of the product.

CASSEL X-ray Features & Benefits

User-friendly operation: Cassel X-ray inspection systems have a large 17” color touch screen and intuitive software. Operations are simple and user-friendly. The production staff will not need any special training to work Cassel X-ray systems.

Real time detection with colored contamination analysis: The X-ray inspection systems detect foreign bodies with maximum sensitivity. In real time, contaminated products are detected and can be sorted out quickly and safely. On the large screen of the X-ray inspection device, foreign bodies are visibly highlighted with colored icons.

Masking functions: With the innovative XIA3 software system, parts of the product may be hidden. This proves effective for packaged products, where the actual packaging should not be examined for foreign bodies. Unnecessary false rejection of products can be prevented with the masking function.

24 hour non-stop operation: Thanks to the unique design and high quality components, Cassel systems can operate continuously for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reliable German safety standardsTÜV-approved: With their ingenious designs, Cassel X-ray inspection systems offer maximum safety and comfort for daily operations. In compliance with all security devices the radiation leakage level is extremely low: only max. 3 µSv / h or less. Every unit is extensively tested before delivery.

Ethernet and USB: Standard Cassel X-ray devices are delivered with USB and Ethernet interfaces. You can connect our X-ray systems to your network.

Auto storing of inspection data, with time/date stamp: Cassel X-ray systems are equipped with an automatic memory function. This allows you to save all quality control data quickly and easily. The data of all tested products can be stored, or you can opt to only store data for contaminated products. All images are saved with a time and date stamp in order to simplify the analysis and verification of data.

The process control System “SHARKNET®” is optional and allows you to automatically save the collected operational data and comply with certification programs and HACCP requirements.

Built-in remote maintenance: To avoid expensive travel costs and ensure quick solutions, Cassel X-ray inspection systems can be set and maintained without the presence of on-site technicians, no matter where your X-ray machine is located.

Delivery Scope

  • Xray Scanner with image processing software XIA
  • Complete protection against radiation and PILZ safety circuit
  • Certified test cards with soda lime glass, ceramics, steel spheres in various diameters


Inspection of particularly thin and wide products

  • felts, webs,
  • fleece,
  • cardboards or corrugaed board,
  • transformer boards...

Further information for download:

Additional information can be found in the data sheet which is available here for download as PDF.