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Complete Product Monitoring with A Teltek Checkweigher

CASSEL Inspection supplements its range of metal detectors and X-ray inspection equipment with checkweighers from Teltek. Checkweighers ensure that the weight of a product is within specified limits. Combining contaminant detection with a checkweigher into one functional unit allows for optimal productivity when space is limited.

Teltek checkweighers are available in combination with our SHARK® METAL detectors or X-ray inspectors. Our checkweighers rapidly weigh products in motion on a conveyor line and automatically reject off-weight products, as specified in the product setup.

Three-quarter view of a stainless steel Checkweigher with a large digital screen and small conveyor belt.

Teltek Checkweighers

Teltek Checkweighers optionally provide you monitoring and control over your filling machines. The automatic feedback function adjusts fill levels “on the fly”and also provides data collection, keeping you abreast of filler performance.

Checkweighers for Conveyors

Weigh, count, and reject with a reliable checkweigher systems.

Three-quarter view of a stainless steel Checkweigher system which includes two units, one unit which has a blue conveyor belt on the front.

Your Products, Protected.

CASSEL Inspection is committed to protecting your consumers, your production machinery, and your brand with high-performance metal detectors, X-ray inspection machines, and checkweighers.

We are your trusted partner for reliable service, industry-leading technology and performance, and exceptional product support throughout the life of your purchase. When you choose CASSEL, you can count on consistent safety and quality in your products.

Three-quarter view of a stainless steel system which includes a blue conveyor belt on the front and a digital display unit.

Checkweighers Overview

A close-up, three-quarter view of a stainless steel system which includes two digital display screens.

What is a Checkweigher?

A checkweigher is an automatic machine that checks the weight of packaged goods while in motion and rejects any products that are over or under the set weight requirement.

Why is a Checkweigher Important?

Having a reliable checkweigher is a crucial component of your quality control program. A Checkweigher can help your business comply with government regulations and ensure product consistency and flow.

The key functions and benefits of a checkweigher include:

  • 100% product checking.
  • Prevents potential product recall by rejecting under-filled containers.
  • Saves on lost revenue by reporting and optionally rejecting overfilled containers, with a potential payback in a matter of months.
  • Helps optimize the overall production process and avoid productivity time-loss.
  • Ensures customer satisfaction.

Checkweighers assure that every product leaving the factory is within your specification, helping you save money and maintain your brand reputation and quality.

A three-quarter view of a stainless steel checkweigher system that includes a large digital display screen above a small blue conveyor belt.

Checkweigher FAQ


What industries use checkweighers?

Checkweighers are prevalent in the food, cosmetics and other consumer goods production facilities, since almost all these products are packaged and sold by weight. But any industry that measures the quality of its product or product components by weight, can also benefit from a checkweigher, including industries such as pharmaceuticals and technology. A checkweigher can also inspect contents by quantity (pills and screws, for example) because of the close relationship between quantity and weight.


What causes product weight variations?

Many obstacles and setbacks can cause product weight variations, including: '

  • Change in product density.
  • Humidity and temperature changes.
  • Human error or negligent personnel.
  • Product build-up around the nozzle.

It’s difficult to know what kind of problems or issues may occur on the production line, making it near impossible to ensure an exact fill every time. A checkweigher can help you rest easy, knowing any error will be detected and corrected before a product leaves your facility.

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