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Our Products Customizable inspection equipment with industry-leading accuracy and reliability.

Industrial Metal Detectors, X-ray Inspection Machines, and Checkweighers

CASSEL Inspection provides industrial metal detectors and industrial X-ray inspection machines for contamination detection and checkweighers for weight inspection.

Our Products

Our inspection systems are designed to ensure the safety of your products, and in turn, protect both your production equipment and customers. When you choose to partner with CASSEL Inspection, you can expect high-quality products, an industry-leading warranty, responsive technical support, and a strong relationship with our team throughout the life of your inspection system.

Industries We Serve

We produce approximately 1,000 expertly crafted units annually and export to companies across the globe. Our industrial metal detector equipment, X-ray inspection machines, and checkweighers are pivotal to ensuring exceptional safety standards in a range of industries including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, chemical and plastics, textiles, mining, and more.

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Customized Solutions, Adaptable Products

In this video Cord Cassel, founder and General Manager, discusses our company's design and manufacturing philosophy which results in durable, customized-solutions and adaptable products for our customers.

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Take the guesswork out of your product search by using our comprehensive product selector tool. Based on your industry, application, and product requirements, our product selector will provide you with a snapshot of available products to meet your unique needs—in only a few seconds!

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