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Protection for Recycling Processing Equipment Stable and reliable metal detection.

Contaminant Removal for Recycling

For recycling to be effective and profitable, material purity is vital. The recycling industry depends on stable and reliable metal detectors to help identify contaminants, limiting damage to production equipment and ensuring product safety. Metal detectors are particularly useful for monitoring non-ferrous contaminants that a magnetic separator would fail to remove.

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CASSEL Metalldetektor auf weißem Hintergrund für die Recyclingindustrie

Metal Detectors for Recycling

CASSEL Inspection metal detectors for recycling are robust, maintenance-free, temperature-resistant, and weatherproof. They are easy to install and can be used near large machines, providing reliable metal detection for years, guaranteed. Our range includes units for wide, flat products, conveyor belt goods, free-falling materials, and more. They are highly durable and easy to operate.