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Contaminant Detection in the Timber Industry Protect your valuable machinery and products with sturdy, reliable timber inspection systems.

Metal Detectors  for Timber

Foreign item contamination in timber can destroy your valuable machinery and result in costly machine maintenance and lost production time. CASSEL Inspection has been the trusted source for metal detectors for timber for more than 25 years.


Metal Detectors for Timber

CASSEL Inspection metal detectors for timber will protect your presses, saw blades, chippers, shredders, flakers, and mills from costly damage from metal contaminants. CASSEL offers metal detectors to match your unique needs, from whole tree trunks to metal detection of wood, chipboard, OSB boards, sawdust, or wood shavings. Our robust metal detectors for timber feature a sturdy, weatherproof, stainless steel frame, which can withstand extreme weather conditions and low temperatures.