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Accessories Accessories to help optimize your CASSEL Inspection system.
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SharkNet® Software

SharkNet® software for metal detectors and checkweighers is connectivity software for centralized quality control, monitoring, control and data documentation, and remote management. With centralized monitoring, machine operators can view, report and print machine data with an easy-to-use interface and platform.

Industrial Inspection Accessories

CASSEL Inspection provides a wide variety of accessories to help optimize your production process. You can choose from items such as test pieces, test ports, lamps, stack lamps, conveyors, signaling devices, reject systems, and more. Contact us today to find the ideal parts and accessories for your CASSEL Inspection equipment.

A blue, hard-plastic brief case with black sponge padding on the inside and housing three rows of colored glass testing slides.

Test pieces for all metal detectors used with conveyor belts.

A clear white plastic hose laying on it's side in the shape of a

Flexible wands for metal detection

Test Pieces

Performance testing of industrial inspection systems is an important part of quality management and ensures your production line remains compliant. 

CASSEL has several options available: 

  • Metal detection: stainless steel, ferrous, and non-ferrous test sticks, flexible wands, balls, and discs.
  • X-ray inspection: stainless steel, glass, aluminum, ceramic, soda lime glass, and PTFE.

Contact CASSEL to learn more about the right test pieces for your application.

Lighting and Lamps

We are pleased to offer additional lighting and lamp accessories for your CASSEL metal detection and X-ray inspection machines. We offer tower stack lamps, xenon flash lights, alarms, emergency stops, and more. Contact our team today to learn more about the right lighting and lamp accessories for your equipment.

A grey metal power box with a horn on the bottom, a red light on the top right and two small power buttons on the bottom right.

Alarm Horn and Lamp on SHARK Housing