Tehno Nebula will be our newest European agent

Date: 09.28.2022

CASSEL Inspection is excited to announce that Tehno Nebula will be our newest agent representing our line of inspection systems throughout Croatia and Slovenia.

Tehno NebulaCASSEL Intro (FB)Tehno Nebula is in the business of providing manufacturing solutions and services to the region’s industrial leaders. They serve a broad range of needs for food processors by providing tray sealing machinery, thermoforming and vacuum machinery, X-ray inspection equipment, metal detectors, checkweighers and vision inspection systems. Željko Magličić, founder and owner of Tehno Nebula, is a former Service Engineer in this industry and has the knowledge to identify the best manufacturing solutions for his clients. Their commitment to manufacturing excellence makes this a perfect collaboration with CASSEL Inspection.

Gianfranco Rubini, EMEA Commercial Leader for CASSEL Inspections adds, “Tehno Nebula provides the manufacturing sector with the best brand name solutions in the business. We are happy to partner with such an experienced provider to help them meet and exceed their customer’s expectations.”

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