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  • Detects metal contaminants in plates and webs
  • Precise metal detection with multi-segment sensor saves valuable material
  • Highest sensitivity through 4-quadrant technology
  • Intuitive control and easy setup with autocalibration and Teach Assistant
  • Maintenance-free through automatic balance and calibration control


  • 4-quadrant technology provides accuracy and maximum inspection performance in the detection area 
  • Simple setup with TeachAssistant
  • Memory spaces for up to 250 products
  • Easy to use with intuitive and multilingual menus
  • 4-level password system, automatic log out after time lapse
  • Detects the position of the metal contamination in the fabric
  • Sensitivity: Detects iron from 0.6 mm and stainless steel from 0.7 mm
  • Documentation of all events and metal messages
  • Optional: Data transfer to USB interface or connection to the company network via SHARKNET® software
  • Cyclical function monitoring with Performance Validation System (PVS)


The METAL SHARK® COMBI TU is a multi-segment sensor typically used over fabric, non-woven or paper webs as well as plates of different materials. It detects particles as small as 0.6 mm and localizes their position in defined segments of the product.

The METAL SHARK® COMBI TU is suitable for widths up to 5 m/16.6 ft. Customizable widths are available.

The COMBI TU can be operated in humid environments with ambient temperatures from -10˚C to +40˚C and product temperatures up to 65°C.

Delivery Scope

  • Detection unit (sensor) COMBI TU with freely selectable number of detection units and widths from 6.5 to 23 ft
  • Controller METAL SHARK®, PC with Windows Pro, 15" monitor and keyboard in control cabinet


  • Products that are conveyed in webs or plates
  • Quality assurance for incoming goods, outgoing goods or during running production
  • Machine and/or product protection in panel processing
  • Detection of broken needles and other metal parts in the textile and nonwoven industry


Electronics Digital signal processor, digital frequency generation, digital balance control, automatic calibration, digital noise filters, integrated flexible control functions
Input 2 analogue 0…10 VDC (option: 4-20 mA)
8 freely configurable 24 V DC signals, e.g. for encoders, product recognition, buttons
Output 2 potential-free changeover contacts: “Error” and “Metal”
8 freely configurable 24 V DC signals, e.g. solenoid valve, optical/acoustic alarm
Inspection Method High-frequency magnetic field, multi-channel operation, balanced receiver coils
Metal Detection Iron, non-ferrous (e.g. aluminium, lead etc.) and stainless steel
Product Compensation 250 memory spaces, automatic product compensation, with TeachAssistant
Protection Type IP 65, optional IP66 or IP67
Ambience standard: -10° C up to +40° C, rel. humidity 30% to 80% (non-condensing)
option: down to -40° C or up to +55° C
Product Temperature standard: -30° C up to +40° C
optional: -40° C or up to +60° C
Power Supply 1 phase 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 W typ. (60 W max.)
Interface RS232, LAN (optional, for SHARKNET), USB (optional)
Maintenance Maintenance-free, sensors calibrate themselves
Diagnostics Integrated diagnostic software, automatic self-test
Conformity CE

Accessories & Extras

The METAL SHARK® COMBI TU can be perfectly adapted to your production by various special designs and accessories. Various temperature requirements are taken into account as well as complicated product requirements for metal detection.
SHARKNET® The SHARKNET® software connects METAL SHARK® metal detectors to a central computer and offers central storage of all operating data as well as batch and alarm documentation for HACCP and IFS conformity.
Autosens Signal transfer of belt speed and mat height from the system control for automatic adjustment of the detector sensitivity.
Temperature extension cold Temperature range extended to -40°C, cold-elastic grouting material, insulation, switch cabinet heating and other measures.
Temperature extension hot Temperature range extended to +55° C, adaptation of control cabinet, additional thermal insulation, replacement of filter fan, heat exchanger and/or active cooling units.
High temperature extension for product Product temperature up to max. +120°C, with this option, the sensor has protection class IP54.
Fast Power Drive (FPD) Significantly improves metal detection and reliability in industrial environments that do not meet electromagnetic compatibility standards, with different IP protection classes and ATEX Zone 22 possible.
Super Power Drive (SPD) Improves metal detection by -0.5 to -1 mm in industrial environments that do not meet the standards for electromagnetic compatibility, with various IP protection classes and ATEX Zone 22 possible.
Signaling devices (optical and acoustic) Stacking lights and signal horns/sirens available in different versions and IP protection classes.