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  • Detects metal contaminants in small, free-falling products such as hygiene articles
  • Highest accuracy in the detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants
  • FDA conformity of all parts in contact with the product
  • Hygienic design for use in the hygiene, pharmaceutical or food industry
  • Intuitive control, auto-calibration and TeachAssistant


  • 4-quadrant technology provides maximum detection performance with the highest reliability in the detection area 
  • Simple setup with TeachAssistant
  • Storage spaces for up to 250 products
  • Easy-to-use with intuitive and multilingual menus
  • 4-level password system, automatic log out after time lapse
  • Documentation of all events and metal messages
  • IFS and HACCP reports available on the display at the touch of a button
  • Optional: Data transfer to USB interface or connection to the company network via SHARKNET® software
  • Cyclical function monitoring with Performance Validation System (PVS)


The METAL SHARK® R offers the highest performance in detecting magnetic and non-magnetic metals. Typical applications are found in the medical-pharmaceutical sector as well as in the sanitary or food industry and for all kinds of chemical powders. The product falls through the R sensor head and an optional reject unit. With the reject unit the smallest metal objects are promptly ejected from the flow of goods. Metal particles are automatically rejected. The reject unit is suitable for tube diameter 10 to 50 mm, Reject timing is automatic by the metal detector control box. Pneumatically driven. The hygienic housing is easy to clean, all materials in contact with the product are FDA-approved quality (PTFE and stainless steel).

Delivery Scope

  • Detection unit (sensor) R
  • Controller METAL SHARK®
  • Product guide (tube) and reject unit optional


  • Monitoring of free-falling products, especially hygiene products, pharmaceuticals, high-quality plastic resins
  • Quality assurance at goods receipt, goods issue or during ongoing production


Electronics Digital signal processor, digital frequency generation, digital balance control, automatic calibration, digital noise filters, integrated flexible control functions
Input 8 freely configurable 24 V DC signals, e.g. for encoders, buttons
Output "2 floating: “error” and “metal” 8 freely configurable 24 V DC signals, e.g. optical/acoustic alarm"
Inspection Method High-frequency magnetic field, multi-channel operation, balanced receiver coils
Metal Detection Ferrous, non-ferrous (e.g. aluminium or copper) and stainless steel
Product Compensation 250 memory locations, automatic product compensation, with TeachAssistant
Enclosure Rating IP 54
Environmental Conditions for Controller -10° C to +40° C, (+14° F to +104° F) rel. humidity 30% up to 80% (non-condensing)
Environmental Conditions for Sensor -10° C to +40° C, (+14° F to +104° F)
Temperature of Goods Inspected -20°C up to 55°C / -4°F up to 131°F
Power Supply 1 phase 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 W typ. (60 W max.)
Interface RS232, LAN option: SHARKNET for HACCP- und IFS-documentation, USB
Maintenance Maintenance-free, sensors calibrate themselves
Diagnostics Integrated diagnostic software, automatic self-test
Infeed and Reject System available pipe diameter 25, 35, 50 mm (1", 1.32", 2"), reject available
Stand Not applicable
Flow rate up to 600 liters per hours depending on product density and separation time
Best Metal Sensitivity
Aperture 10 mm
25 mm
35 mm
50 mm
Iron Ø 0.05 mm
Ø 0.15 mm
Ø 0.25 mm
Ø 0.40 mm
Non-ferrous 1.5…2.0x Fe
Aluminum 1.5…10x Fe
Product Guidance and Reject System FDA-compliant design made of stainless steel and PTFE for all parts in contact with the product, reject unit is suitable for pipe diameters 10-50 mm