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Shark™ MultiSense™ Metal Detector

CASSEL Inspection’s Shark MultiSense metal detector delivers complete protection from metal contaminants. The MultiSense metal detector’s high sensitivity, automated operation, and intelligent signal processing are designed to reduce downtime with automated set-up and auto-learn capabilities, offer an improved probability of detection in even the most challenging applications, and eliminate failed audits and false rejects.
Shark™ MultiSense™ Metal Detector


  • Improves food safety by detecting up to 50% smaller metal fragments in difficult high product effect application
  • Advanced hardware and software features support due diligence to meet a wide range of global food safety standards
  • Productivity is enhanced via graphical on-line monitoring with quick adjustment reducing annoying false rejects to near zero
  • An all new graphical user interface guides the user along the way making high performance set-up easy to achieve, and ensures the ability to maintain effective, reliable operation 24x7
  • Innovative multi frequency technology builds on our legacy of customer focused R&D in metal detection


Multi-dimensional detection and statistical learning capabilities deliver greater accuracy to your food safety systems. With a mechanical and electrical design that is immune to environmental conditions such as wet, humid, high or low-temperatures and electrical interference, you can maximize up-time. Automated operation features increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and operational efficiency.

False rejects leading to waste and downtime are no longer a worry due to increased detection sensitivity. Keep your peace-of-mind knowing that the system runs automated audits enabling seamless HACCP certification.

Cleaning is easy with the durable, ergonomic design with an IP66 washdown rating.


Quality assurance for foods with naturally high product effect which require higher sensitivity such as meats, seafood, frozen goods, chocolate, wet & salty foods, and foods with high mineral content. 


Model Name/ID Shark™ MultiSense™ Metal Detector
Electronics Two simultaneous frequencies, digital signal processor, noise filter, digital balance control, digital frequency control, PowerDrive circuit
Input 2 analog 0...10 VDC (option: 4-20 mA); Up to 12 freely configurable 24 V DC signals, e.g. for reject confirmation
Output 2 relay CO contacts: “error” and “metal”; Up to 12 freely configurable 24 V DC signals, e.g. for optic/acoustic alarm
Inspection Method High-frequency magnetic field, multi-channel operation, balanced receiver coils
Metal Detection Ferrous, non-ferrous (e.g. aluminum or copper) and stainless steel
Product Compensation 250 memory locations, automatic product compensation with Teach Assistant
Protection Type IP66; Ask for IP69 availability
Ambience -30°C to +40°C / -22°F to +104°F; rel. humidity 20% to 90% non-condensing; >95% rel. humidity (condensing) with closed enclosure
Product Temperature ----
Power Supply ----
Interface LAN (for SHARKNET®, remote support, diagnostics); USB (Optional)
Maintenance Maintenance-free, self-calibrating sensors

Integrated diagnostic software, automatic self-test

Conformity ----

Accessories & Extras

  • High temperature aperture liners for hot products
  • Stainless steel construction for harsh cleaning environments
  • SHARKNET® connection for automatic documentation according to HACCP, IFS or BRC standard